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There is nowhere to hide when a tough group of schoolgirls invade the male locker room aided by stern deputy headmistress Ms Winton. Accused of breaking the school code by masturbating, the boys are lined up for a rigorous physical inspection and stimulated against their will. The inexperienced virginal lads are panicked and overwhelmed by the confident clever girls.

The girls at the CFNM Academy are always keen to learn more, especially about boys. They seize any opportunity to get better acquainted with the naked male form. Be it during a boring detention, or a practical biology lesson, with the teacher's full permission they get to live out their wildest fantasies.

Things are getting interesting down on the farm. Confident Miss Murphy has found an unwitting subject to use for a practical demonstration of the sperm collecting device. The eager girls crowd round to witness his humiliation as the big dumb farmhand feels the full power of her cattle prod.

When Miss Clutterbuck catches one of the male students drawing inappropriate pictures of her, she knows just how to punish him. He and his classmates will assist in the girls' biology lesson. Today's topic is the male anatomy...

The school field trip begins with one poor lad being jumped on and stripped by the girls on the back seat of the bus and rapidly worsens as one by one the girls find ways of fixing it so the boys, and a male teacher, wind up naked and humiliated.

The school jocks are up for sale at the St Dunstans Slave Auction! Sexy Miss Warburton proudly displays them on stage for the excited housewives to choose from. The lads think they'll be doing a few household chores but the women have other ideas. This is one meat-market where the men are totally at the mercy of the superior females.

A summer CFNM adventure! Exposed to the wilds of nature on a field trip, the students let their instincts take over. The intrepid schoolgirls strip the class jocks and use them like cattle for their own perverted pleasure in some of the most intense CFNM scenes ever seen.

Schoolgirls take the opportunity of an overnight stay at St Dunstans to explore the male body and test out new things they learned from their handsome biology teacher. Naked young men are brought to their knees by demanding girls in their school uniforms.

The hardworking lads of St Dunstans get more than they bargained for when they volunteer to do odd jobs to raise money for the school. An afternoon washing cars descends into full on CFNM action with the male students on their knees in servitude.

It's the most nerve-wracking day of the year for the school boys and girls. To make matters worse the school bullies are making hell for the boys as they are stripped and tricked into getting naked and pleasuring themselves in front of all the girls and female teacher.

Sometimes the best way to teach a subject is with a practical demonstration. Miss Clutterbuck has thought for a while and has realised there is one male member of staff in particular who may be persuaded to become another guinea pig for the biology lesson... The sports teacher - hunky Mr Rackshaw.

It's the first day back and the students chatter excitedly. Some of the students haven't made it back. You'll be shocked to find out just what's happened to them.

A science project offers the schoolgirls a chance for some mischief. They are set the task of building something that will impress the school governess. The scheming girls have a cunning idea and "persuade" one of the boys to assist them. When the time comes for a demonstration the bound lad has to endure the most painful and embarrassing experience of his life. Especially when the stern governess cranks the power up to maximum...

Boys from an old-fashioned private school are made to swim with the girls. The girls must keep their dignity and so wear bathing suits, while the boys swim naked. The schoolboys begin to understand how natural it is for them to swim nude while the girls wear their smart swimsuits. Next its the inter-school swimming competition!

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